Phones & Clients

Voice communications are key in the day-to-day operations of every business. To ensure each type
of worker has the right features and functionality to succeed in their role, we have engineered a
comprehensive range of phones and clients. From stylish Desktop Phones, Laptop and Smartphone Clients, and Cordless Devices to WLAN handsets,
We can meet the communications needs of even the most complex organization.

Our range of devices and clients includes:

  • Digital and IP Telephones: From entry-level to executive featuring high definition voice quality,
    Ease of use, and Stylish design. Available for TDM and IP environments,
  • WLAN and Cordless Phones: A range of unique Wireless, on-campus telephony and the DECT range
    Of Digital Cordless phones.
  • Soft Client : IP-based communication software that can be configured on your PC to make
    it a powerful UC user.
  • Mobile Clients: Mobile UC enables communications anywhere from any device.
  • Analog Phones: Simple TDM based Analog phones for the rest of the users.