Wireless Lan (wifi) Solutions

Whether a small deployment in a small office to a very complex Controller based and managed Wireless
solution, Protel has the entire range of WiFi solutions to suit any organization from a Small and Medium
enterprise to large Industrial Plants, University campuses or Hospitals etc.
Besides the Obvious benefit of Wireless LAN being the MOBILITY feature, there are many more
benefits such as:

  • Reduced deployment and operating expenses.
  • Saves time and resources.
  • Fast and Easy Installation by eliminating the need to pull cable through walls and ceilings.
  • Scalability to support large numbers of nodes and large physical areas by adding Access Points
    to extend coverage.

And Finally the COST of Installing and maintaining a WLAN is on average lower than the cost of
installing and maintaining a traditional wired LAN including Indirect costs of user downtime and
administrative overhead are reduced.